Harnessingevaluating, visualizingand storing intimate user data from our sexual lifes as a commentary on data privacy.

DickHub imagines a dystopian society, where big corporations harness and evaluate our most intimate data. This critically responds to the increasing normalization of privacy invasion as a business model.

In order to play into the concept of how mega corporations harness our most intimate data, we decided to link intimacy to the concept of sex/masterbation.Through 44 touch sensors that were installed on the surface of a 3D printed dildo, we could collect user data such as the location in which dildo is touched, the pressure of touch and the time the user interacted with the dildo.

We collected the data from each touch sensor with an Arduino Mega. This data is then imported into a CSV file - accessable by Python.

Lastly, we create a data evaluation that analyses the user’s behaviour during their interaction with the dildo. This reflects the way corporations insidiously create stereotypical profiles according to our private habits and online behaviours. This data is sold to companies that through user-tailored advertisement try to influence our consumption habits.