Exhibited in Grace Exhibition Space, New York

Flooded House is a social experiment that confronts us with uncomfortable truths about climate change.

It is no secret that the United States is one of the main contributors to global co2 emissions causing climate change.
However, unfairly so, our increased access to mitigation and adaptation strategies make us blind to the damage we cause.
Instead, more vulnerable communities and ecosystems bear the consequences.
How would we make our bed if we must lie in it - or in other words

How would we change if we suffered the consequences of our own unsustainable actions.

Flooded House simulates this scenario.  The user’s actions in the project determine how much their own home is destroyed by climate change.

The project is set up as two different sides of a house-shaped structure. The screen on this side displays a p5.js game. The user navigates a character with two self-made silicone controllers via serial communication with Arduino. The  game takes the user though a regular day in the life of a New York student - and secretly records how sustainable their behavior is. Factors such as Water Use, Electricity Use and Consumption Habits are considered.
The user’s scores throughout the game determine the speed at which ocean level rise caused by climate change destroys their own home - simulated by water pumps installed in the center of the house and  a miniature version of a New York studio apartment in the second half of the house. As the entire project is modeled to scale, the ocean level rise in the miniature version is equivalent to actual ocean level rise.  An exponential regression line with data from NASA allowed me to calculate in which year such scenario will become true and effect all of us.

Project Version 1: