A Personal Manifesto in form of a zine about Inspiration,
and my
Creative Process

My manifesto is a reflection on creativity, inspiration and my creative process. Against the belief of some, that artists are naturally blessed with inspiration and creativity, I believe that inspiration is something one has to work for. Aligning with the quote “Inspiration comes of working every day”, this zine reflects my creative process broken down into seven steps, each represented on one page. Every key value is accompanied by a representative interactive experience for the user - such as moving parts, pushing buttons or tying knots. By completing the challenges, the user connects a new element to an electrical circuit attached to the backside of the booklet. When all challenges are completed, the circuit is fully closed, and a light panel - representative of inspiration - lights up at the backside of the booklet.

1 - Play - conductive copper tape
2 - Struggle - conductive silver pen
3&4 - Ask Questions - copper tape
5 - Connect - conductive thread
6 - Deconstruct - ITO coated PET
7 - Be Patient - wire
8 - Take Action - push button